Bridging South Korea's market to the Philippines.

Sharing the culture and modern technology of Korea to help develop the Philippine's innovation.

We help our clients connect to the market of South Korea

By providing our excellent service and our most in-demand assistance throughout their transactions and shipments.




Our story from shipping Tech, and now, to anything Korean.

STS Logistics started way back in 2017 known as South Tech Shipping that provides buying service for tech products that are trending in South Korea. South Tech Shipping has sold hundreds of electronics and appliances which mostly includes laptops, monitors, bingsu machines, and others. While the service was available for tech products only, some clients would request to have their own package shipped or would request some other item category to be bought from our service.

We then extended and opened our service to mainly shipping service from Korea to Philippines officially in 2019 to better cater and help as much Filipinos as we can with their business, now known as STS Logistics. Our buying service from South Korea is now available with our business partner, Millave.

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