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Own Package (OP)
"Ship Everything Korea!"

Get your Korean address on your STS Profile after you sign up. Send your own packages, such as:

- Personal use
- Items bought from online stores
- OFW box
- Other packages below 220lbs

SME Assistance (SA)
"Expand Everything Korea!"

STS will help coordinate with your supplier in South Korea until your package is ready for pickup/delivery to your location. Eligible for:

- Packages above 220lbs

Online Shopping (OS)
"Shop Everything Korea!"

STS will assist with your cart check out. Shop on any Korean shopping site, pay in Peso. FREE cart processing!

Group Shopping (GS)
"Shop Weekly Korea!"

Look out for our weekly store suggestions on our Facebook page. Join the STS group shoppers to save from your shipping fee.

No hidden fees! Here are the cargo rates we offer.

Cargo fee to be paid when you receive your package. To be a member, have more than 3 shipments with us of the same cargo.

Sea Cargo

Starting at
PHP 150 /lb

  • Takes 2-3 weeks
  • Ship out is every week by Batch
  • Can be consolidated

Air Cargo

Starting at
PHP 600 /lb

  • Takes 3-5 days
  • Depart any day (except Sunday)
  • Cannot be consolidated

We're here to support you. Start your Korean business with STS.

We are welcoming your team or company to start your business with STS and receive assistance from us.

SME Assistance

We extend our boundaries to help you with your shipment process, so you can feel at ease running your business while we coordinate with your supplier in South Korea until your package is ready for pickup/delivery at your door.


Transaction Assistance

Priority Shipments

Customer Support 24/7

Ordinary Packages
Client Rate per pound Weight (lb)
Base P380 1 - 2 lbs
Manual P300/lb 3 - 44 lbs
Regular P150/lb 3 - 44 lbs
Member P140/lb 3 - 44 lbs
Member P130/lb 45 - 219 lbs
Partner P120/lb 220 - 439 lbs
Partner P115/lb 440 - 659 lbs
Partner P110/lb 660 - 879 lbs
Partner P105/lb 880 - 1,109lb
Partner P100/lb 1,110 to higher

Sea Cargo Fee Calculator

For Ordinary Packages

Please choose the type of account

Please drag the slider according to your estimated package weight

(Left & Right Key can be used))

Estimated Weight

20 lbs

Sea Cargo Fee Rate

150 /lbs

Estimated Cargo Fee


New to STS? Get Started in 3 easy steps and Save P50 OFF on your first shipment!

Get your Korean items list ready. Then, register and fill out the package forms.

Use the KR Shipping Address in your account page and update delivery dates in your dashboard

Track your package/batch shipment until it reaches PH warehouse and have it delivered to your door!